Welcome to Starviper German Pinschers. Where health temperament and conformation come first. My dogs speak for themselves in the fact they have done many disciplines and been placed in them all. But that said they are very much loved companions who share our beds and hearts. The dogs I have bred each have their own page. Please have a look at them. 

Willow and Tauri

Willow and Tauri 1st place Scooterjor race

My second litter, the fantastic 5. Finn (Germany) Elsa (Germany) Dave (Bermuda) Hana (UK) Mandy (France)

I come from a Horsey background having competed in show jumping and showing for many years. I have broken in and backed horses and ponies, i've also rehabilitated a couple of ex race horses. This has taught me many things which has helped in the dog world.